The Best Dehumidifier for a Mold-Free Basement

If you are in the market for a dehumidifier without the right information, it can become difficult to make an informed decision. But when you know the product details of each model, buying one becomes easier.

Here are the 9 best basement dehumidifiers to help you get a desirable humidity level.

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  • Energy consumption is low with the energy star approval.
  • It’s eco-friendly and portable.
  • Controls are easy to figure out.
  • The drain hose slot enables continuous operation.
  • Silent


  • Vremi is better known for kitchen appliances.
  • The water tank fills up often.

The only appliances that this company manufactured were kitchen-related. However, recently they have shifted their focus towards other appliances as well. 

This basement dehumidifier is definitely one of the best options on this list. There aren’t many models that can match the price point and quality that this 50-pint dehumidifier is available at.

Environmentally-conscious people are going to love this unit as well due to its energy star certification. It is an assurance that your basement or crawl space will be free of moisture with minimal energy consumption. Not only will consumers reduce their carbon footprint, but also save money in the process.

The design is quite impressive, with a  clean and sleek build. It looks modern and attractive compared to what some other models from different brands look like. With the convenience of the built-in caster wheels and handles, it turns into a 50-pint portable dehumidifier.

One of the best aspects of this basement dehumidifier is that it is relatively quiet. Most models these days create some kind of annoying sound. You do not need to worry about any of that with Vremi. It’s going to be almost unnoticeable as it runs in the background to remove moisture and basement odor without a sound.

Another interesting feature in this basement dehumidifier is the turbo mode setting. With this feature, you can easily increase the fan speed for better control over moisture levels. Your air conditioner is going to work more efficiently due to the dryer air.

Vremi has also made it easy to set the humidity level you want. Once set, it will run for 24-hour cycles until the water tank fills up. As stated on the label it will remove 50 pints of moisture per day.

Most dehumidifiers need continuous monitoring, but you can be carefree with this unit. Once the tank is full, you’ll have the option to drain it yourself or attach a garden hose. This will enable the unit to run continuously without any effort.


  • It’s quite easy to work with as there’s one button for each configuration.
  • Smart electrical control panel.
  • It has both a manual and automatic drainage system.
  • The noise level is relatively low.
  • Low-temperature operation


  • You may face some difficulty in removing the water tank.
  • The water tank alarm is loud. 
  • Not recommended for basement use

The Inofia 30 Pints dehumidifier is another of the top products in the industry that provides the best price for top-tier functionality. It’s the finest dehumidifier for any living area.

This dehumidifier boasts a clean and aesthetic appearance. It’s far from the bulky, industrial dehumidifiers of yesterday.

The design is attractive and provides ease of use. The configurations are all professionally organized on the top with a sleek appearance. The LED display will provide you ease in configuring the settings as well.

The built-in humidistat feature is helpful. This smart function will enable the dehumidifier to work only when the desired humidity level isn’t attained.

Once attained, it automatically stops and starts back up when the humidity range is met. This feature reduces energy consumption and increases energy efficiency.

There are other attractive features, such as the auto-defrost mode. This function enables your unit to operate in temperatures less than 41 degrees. It also helps prevent frost buildup. It reduces hassle and maintenance that would’ve been necessary otherwise. The feature also provides durability and compatibility with the harshest temperatures.

If you prefer a hands-off operation, this unit is definitely the right choice for you. The water tank capacity is only 4 pints, and the dehumidifier will beep to indicate once full. However, if you aren’t at home or don’t want to do it yourself, don’t worry. A 6.56 ft. drain hose is included with the dehumidifier to auto-drain the unit.

 This basement dehumidifier holds true to its name despite its drainage hose measurements and tank capacities. It will remove up to 30 pints of water per day. You will also be glad to know that it will easily dehumidify up to 1050 sq ft.

Additionally, all of these great functions are heightened by the power outage restart feature. As the name suggests, in case of any power interruption, the model has an auto-restart feature. This feature will help in saving maintenance costs in case of power failures.

The compact design and recessed handle make this model best for home use. It is relatively silent as it will provide a max of 46 decibels.


  • It automatically adjusts the setting modes to predetermined ranges.
  • Humidistat auto shut off and on based on the moisture removal rate.
  • Provides a minimum noise output of 33 decibels.
  • Easy to handle with the clearly written manual.
  • Lighter than most compressor dehumidifiers


  • It cannot be used straight out the box.
  • Small water tank.

The EcoSeb DD122EA is another excellent option on this list and has received many positive customer reviews. If you have a basement that stays cool at consistent temperatures, you will definitely adore this model.

The pint capacity of this model is 15 at temperatures as low as 41° F. It will stay consistent with its temperature settings. The lowest temperature it can handle is 34° F. The manufacturers built this model to tackle strenuous temperatures.

You’ll be glad to know that the DD122EA has favorable features than other brands in its price range. One of the best things about this dehumidifier is that it does not need a defrost mode. The operating temperature range is from 34 to 104° F. This means that frost buildup does not occur.

This unit is equipped with many desirable features. It comes with power outage safety, and in case of a power cut, the auto-restart feature protects your unit.

There are three timer settings and power settings. There is a low power option and a maximum moisture removal configuration as well.

The water tank size is small, along with limited drainage options, but that does not affect the functionality, thanks to a gravity drainage option without a pump to eliminate the excess water.

If you’re concerned about the drainage system, don’t be. The gravity drainage functionality allows a discharge of 15 pint capacity per day, which is suitable for a small collection tank size.

Another advantage of the small water collection tank is the size. Due to this feature, the unit isn’t bulky and becomes easy to carry around. A key aspect is that it is lighter and smaller than any other compressor unit on the market.

Finally, different fan speeds provide flexibility to EcoSeb DD122EA.


  • Provides ready-select controls.
  • It’s especially great in low temperatures.
  • The craftsmanship is high-grade.
  • Portable design.


  • The sensor tends to break after a few years shows a humidity readout error.
  • It does not come with an auto-restart feature.
  • It has a shorter lifespan compared to other basement dehumidifiers.

There is a lot to love about this dehumidifier. For starters, it received several positive customer reviews from most people within two days of getting it. 

Talking about the features, it’s capable of extracting 70 pints of moisture from the air in a day. This humidifier also has electronic settings to make it easier for you to adjust it. It has an easy readout function to identify the

Some other features like a 24-hour timer enhance functionality. With this 50-pint energy-star dehumidifier, you can be certain you’ll save on your bills as well. Being able to have accurate control over moisture levels over 2500 square feet with minimal energy consumption is a good deal.

It operates consistently from 41°F to 95°F. There is an adjustable humidistat with a full tank alert to notify you when it’s overflowing. There are three fan speeds for maximum convenience as well. You can enjoy all of these features with a low noise level.

It comes with an auto-defrost setting. This will help save your money on maintenance costs since there’s no frost buildup that’ll prevent the dehumidifier’s coils from jamming up.

The auto-restart feature protects the unit from electrical damage.

There is considerable drainage functionality as well, with a 13.1-pint container in the dehumidifier.  The shut-off feature with a timer provides safety during power failures.

Due to the drainage facility, the dehumidifier can operate non-stop. The in-built container, temperature range and ready-set controls make it easier to maintain desirable basement conditions.

Finally, there is a top handle, along with side handles and caster wheels. These additions make it portable.


  • It’s easy to use with the help of simple controls and an LED display.
  • There is a drain hose outlet for a continuous floor drain.
  • It will drain 50 pints of water per day.
  • It features an automatic shut-off function.


  • The bottom is not flat, so the tank needs to be emptied immediately.
  • It does not turn off when the collection tank is removed.

Keystone is back at it again with the KSTAD50B dehumidifier. This model is one of the most efficient products on this list. If you want the efficiency of removing 50 pints of moisture per day,  this is the choice for you.

The electronic controls are among some of the most noteworthy features of this dehumidifier. It’s got a straightforward and simplistic look, but don’t let that deceive you at first glance.

The LED display is placed at the top and is quite accurate. Every change you make will be apparent from the display, so it’s going to become easier to manage the different settings of this unit.

You will be glad to know that keeping this model in the coldest temperatures will be no issue. This is due to the auto-defrost feature that unfreezes the coils with the help of the fans when they get too cold. The lowest thermostat it can handle is 45 degrees, with an upward limit of 95°F.

Additionally, there is an auto-shutoff feature that turns the dehumidifier off when the water collection tank gets full. It also has a better capacity than most collection tanks.

There is also an auto-restart option in the case of a power outage. This will prevent any setbacks due to sudden power cuts. However, the 24-hour timers will allow you to use the model as you need.

 It received a lot of positive reviews within 10 days of the purchase. The room size it can dehumidify is 3000 ft².

Additionally, there is a continuous drainage option so it can run non-stop to achieve a desirable humidity level. In extreme situations, this feature becomes beneficial in removing moisture from the air. It has a transparent water bucket level indicator, so you can easily identify the need to empty it.

The drainage system is quite convenient as well. On the ground level, the floor drain function will make emptying the collection tank easier.

It is one of the finest basement dehumidifiers on the market. The item dimensions are 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches, which is why you can place it in different locations in your home. The portability becomes advantageous for bathrooms, attics, crawl spaces, and garages.


  • You can easily clean the reusable air filter.
  • A 3/4 inch garden hose to the drain outlet for effortless drainage.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Low noise levels.
  • It’s energy star approved.


  • It’s made of plastic materials that aren’t durable and are prone to leaks.
  • The sump pump has problems after short-term usage.

If you need a dehumidifier to remove 70 pints of moisture per day for a desirable atmosphere, the Tosot energy star has got you covered.

With the efficiency to remove moisture like none other, your air conditioner will chill your living space quite easily.

The kind of drain facility it provides is quite interesting. It features one of the finest internal condensate pump units on the market. This pump will remove the access water from the dehumidifier so that you can control air temperature and humidity levels without any downtime.

Having a full water collection bucket is no longer a problem with this unit. The condensate will keep on collecting in the bucket until it’s full. Once full, the water can be pumped 12 feet away vertically or horizontally.

This drainage functionality will activate the pump to save your time and effort. Other Features include real-time monitoring. The control panel will tell you the current basement humidity conditions in your rooms so you can make adjustments and know when to attach the drain hose.

Once you have selected a humidity range, the dehumidifier will run until it reaches that level. However, you can choose to run it till the bucket is full. Since the water collection bucket will not fill up if you have the pump on, you’ll get continuous operation.

It’s energy-star rated, so you can rest easy knowing that you will save on your electricity bills. Statistically, it’s going to cost 30 % less to operate this unit compared to other models.

 Finally has a peak sound level of 51 decibels, so you might as well turn it on and forget it’s there. From the sound of it, you won’t be able to notice it anyways.


  • You get overheat protection.
  • There is a full bucket alarm.
  • Comes with easily washable filters.
  • Convenient hose hookup with the drainage outlet.


  • It’s not going to function as an evaporative cooler in the same room.
  • You’ll need to place it in an easy spot since the tank needs to drain frequently.

The hOmeLabs 4000 Square feet dehumidifier comes from a relatively newer brand of conditioning appliances. However, this model got plenty of positive basement dehumidifier reviews. In fact, the majority of consumers say it gives other products a run for their money.

This product will remove 50 pints of moisture per day and is perfect for spacious rooms. A large basement space of 4000 sq ft with a high humidity level is going to be no problem for this model.

This basement dehumidifier comes in different variations. You will have the option to choose a dehumidifier that provides coverage of up to 4500 sq ft or the  3500 sq ft option for a smaller basement area. You can find all of these variations along with the 50-pint option on Amazon right now. 

You will be glad to know that hOmeLabs put forth an efficient 50-pint energy star dehumidifier to provide you the maximum coverage with less power consumption.

It’s easy to use this product with the LCD. The digital display will provide you with accurate readings to easily identify the humidity levels you need.

The built-in condensate pump unit is another great aspect of this product since it provides some of the best drainage capabilities. There is a 24-hour timer facility if you want the humidifier to work non-stop. This feature, coupled with the pump, provides continuous operation, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The drainage options are flexible with this dehumidifier. You can use the hose drain outlet by attaching a 16.4 feet hose. The drainage alarm beeps when the tank is full. It’s also visible from the front.

You also have the option to release the water into a sink or outside the window with the help of the condensate pump. 

Another option that will be quite useful is the turbo mode fan speed to help with the maximum moisture removal. There is a child safety lock if you keep it in a place within reach of kids. There is an auto defrost model as well as a comfort mode to enhance convenience.


  • The user-friendly display is quite helpful
  • The auto-shutoff safety makes it easier to empty the tank.
  • Frost sensor protects coils and activates the auto-defrost feature.


  • Common complaints of faulty dehumidification after limited usage.
  • Gets hot when dehumidifying, which makes the internal mechanism faulty.

This dehumidifier is packed with delightful features to handle humidity levels and room temperature. It’s just 40 pounds so that you can keep it pretty much anywhere. It’s a compact design, but it removes more than 50 pints per day with ease.

It has a built-in humidity sensor always accurately to tell what the current humidity levels are. The LCD interface enables you to get accurate read-outs. It will help you keep the air quality clean as well.

It’s quite easy to keep this model maintained and even easier to control. All you need to do is turn it on after plugging it in, select the settings you’re most comfortable with and empty the 1.3-gallon reservoir whenever it’s full.

Moving on, the LED display will provide you all the information you need on humidistat, fan speeds, timer, filter alert and so on.

There are other desirable features packed in this unit as well. It has four durable, smooth-rolling caster wheels to help you move it between different rooms with ease.

It has a long 6 foot and three-pronged power cord, so you don’t have to use multiple extension boards.

Additionally, the power efficiency is enhanced by the quick controls to enable you to swiftly power on and off. You can do this without adjusting the humidistat every time you want to switch it on or off.

Additionally, the filtration mechanisms are impressive. The innovation put into the filtration and evaporation system is one of the key aspects of this unit. It will allow you to have a more precise command of the humidity level.

It is going to provide you a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere. It will prevent structural cracking, mold growth, mildew and protect your loved ones from allergens, dust mites, and breathing illnesses.


  • Auto-error detection
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easy floor drain function.
  • Fan noise is minimal or nonexistent.


  • It’s a bit heavy.

The Kesnos 3500 Square feet dehumidifier will provide you with fresh and comfortable air in all spaces. It meets the industry standard in the best of ways.

This dehumidifier unit works efficiently to alter the air in large areas .. up to3500 sq. ft. It’s best for kitchens, stockrooms, laundry rooms and living rooms. It’s also quite proficient underground and works better than most crawl space units. Just keep it at the floor level to allow the floor drain to kick in.

It can clean 50 pints per day efficiently. This is more than what some condensate pumps collect in other units. It will also help you adjust the humidity levels from 30% to 85% with efficiency.

It’s not only sleek looking but works efficiently as well. The design aspects include easy-roll hidden wheels with 360 degrees turning for portability. You also have pocket handles to move it around as well. Different fan speeds work silently so that you aren’t disturbed by noise.

There are different functionality features to enhance your experience with this basement dehumidifier as well. There is a clothes dry feature that you can use in the laundry room. 

You have the option to set the timer based on the humidity levels. It will automatically turn off when it reaches the designated point.

Similarly, you have two different draining options. You just have to attach the 2m drainage hose to the drain outlet for automatic operation.

There is a manual drain option and a bucket full indicator to help you figure out when it needs to be emptied.

You will also be glad to know that taking care of the cleaning is especially easy as well. There is a need for maintenance, but it’s quite simple. You should wipe the water tank with a cloth about every 2 weeks for maximum performance.


Choosing the best basement dehumidifier might be a hassle if accuracy with measurements isn't kept.  However, it is also important to pick the correct humidifier as models with the same design can differ in their capacity. 

For a 500 square feet space, you may need a unit with a capacity 10-pint capacity dehumidifier. It is easier to calculate how big of a dehumidifier you need this way. Just add four pints for every 500 Sq.Ft. 

The pints and size will vary depending on how damp a place is. For a normally humid area, you're going to need a 14-pint dehumidifier for 1000 Sq ft. For a place with high a humidity level, it is advisable to use 12 pints as a base for every 500 square feet.

It is important to place it somewhere that has maximum humidity. There can be many different places where the dampness comes from, such as an exhaust pipe, the door or cracks. 

Placing the dehumidifier near the source will help stabilize humidity levels before it can cause damage. The size of the space is crucial because if the source is big enough, the dehumidifier will have to be kept in the center. It is also best to ensure that there is nothing blocking airflow to the unit.

If you place it in the right spot, health benefits are guaranteed as well. It provides an effective solution to moisture problems like mildew and mold spores. The American lung association says that dry and clean air benefits your respiratory system due to a reduction in dust mites and in turn, allergies. This means a stronger immune system down the road as well.

Basements, crawl spaces and underground environments are naturally damp. Moisture can be good in certain conditions in arid places, but if a high humidity level prevails in an enclosed space for too long, it will cause damage. 

Since basements and underground spaces are usually where your home's foundations can be found, any damage in this zone can be harmful to you. The most common damage that rots away foundations and makes your house hollow and rotten from the inside out is mildew or mold spores. This fungus can cause a putrid basement smell as well. 

It is due to these reasons that keeping a dehumidifier in basement areas will keep the air dry. With dryer air, your air conditioner will work more efficiently as well.

The hOmeLabs 4000 sq ft dehumidifier got tons of praise from many customers over the years and is the most reliable on the market.

To sum up, a good dehumidifier is efficient in moisture removal to prevent mold in your basement area. You do not need to worry about the longevity of such products. A basement dehumidifier is manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions down there so water removal stays unaffected.