If you’ve noticed excess moisture in your basement and it’s starting to make things moldy, there might be a problem with your home’s humidity. The solution can be as simple as purchasing a dehumidifier for your basement — the right size will depend on what floor you live on and how big or small that part of the house is.

Different Sizes of Dehumidifiers for a Basement:

One room can easily use a 15-pint dehumidifier. If you have a smaller basement, just get a smaller model. The average size of our homes and basements is 30-40 pints per square foot, so it’s fairly simple to get the right size for your needs. 

35-80 pints per square foot: medium-sized basements can be anywhere from this moisture level. For people living in the southern side of the country, humidity levels are generally lower, necessitating a smaller dehumidifier. Northern basements are usually larger, and locate setups need to be larger as well.

Large basements can handle a large dehumidifier to mitigate high moisture levels. Over 300 pints per square foot: these kinds of basements can use large dehumidifiers but may also need a larger air conditioning unit.

Is It Good to Have a Small Dehumidifier for a Larger Basement?

If you want to save money on electricity and still protect your basement from mold and mildew, then a small dehumidifier might be better for that purpose. It uses the same kind of technology but on a smaller scale. However, you should remember that small dehumidifiers are not generally very efficient in larger areas. 

What Else Do I Need to Get With My Dehumidifier?

Humidistat: this is an easy-to-control humidity level controller that helps maintain a consistent moisture level in the home. The kind of humidistat you need is dependent on the size of your basement. A 15-pint dehumidifier uses a humidity level of 35 pints per square foot, and a 50-pint dehumidifier needs 40 pints.

The best way to know that you got all the right pieces with your dehumidifier is to stick it in someplace that doesn’t get much humidity. If it works for a while, that means you’re ready to use it in your house.

Choosing the right size of dehumidifier: 

How much water should you expect from your dehumidifier? Depending on how large your basement is, a 50-pint dehumidifier can remove between 20 and 40 pints of moisture from the air every day. The 50-pint model is more efficient than a 15-pint model.

The size of the room you’re trying to humidify matters as well. You have to consider how much moisture it can handle and how high the room is. A larger basement might need a dehumidifier that’s twice as big as a smaller one.

Which is the best dehumidifier brand? 

Dehumidifier brands are important, especially if you’re concerned about the quality of the product. Many models are available at all price ranges depending on their brand names.


This brand is very well known for the quality of its dehumidifiers. It’s a popular brand among those who want to pick up a good product at a very reasonable price. Other models of its brand may not be as efficient as the DeLonghi dehumidifiers, but they’re still worth considering.

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You shouldn’t have a problem finding a dehumidifier to fit your needs. If you have a basement, make sure the size of the unit is adequate for it. Remember, even though your basement may be smaller than an outdoor living space, it still takes more humidity to fill that space.