Basements are hard to ventilate and can tend to get warm when it is summertime. People get clammy feelings all over their bodies because of the moist air trapped in this area due to improper ventilation. It is also hard to ventilate the basement when it is cold outside because the temperature control system is usually installed only on the entrance door, not in all rooms.

One way of solving this problem would be to install a dehumidifier as one of the residential home appliances. But, some people find it hard to know the place where it works best. This article has gathered some of the places where the results are maximum. 

Some Suitable Places to Keep a Dehumidifier for a Basement:

1. The best place to keep a dehumidifier for the basement is inside the basement itself. It is best to keep it in the basement corner with more rooms and fewer walls to block the airflow. You can also place it in the center of the room so that air can circulate freely all over the basement.

2. The next place where you can keep a dehumidifier for the basement is in the closets. This may not be a practical choice for people living near a room with windows or in an open space. It will not be effective to place it in this area because other appliances will be using the same air, and it can cause energy waste because it will have to run longer hours to dry the air further.

3. The third place where you can install is an extensive collection of furniture. If the room is used for playing games, you would want to make it comfortable where you can sit and play for long periods. If your dehumidifier has a timer, it is better to place it on the furniture that has been used for a longer time. If it is placed on the most used furniture, it will be more resourceful in drying the air in the room.

4. The fourth place where you can install is an area with many cabinets and large shelves. You can even place it near the walls where moisture tends to build up faster and harder to dry because it would not be circulated through the open spaces. Your dehumidifier will work better in areas like this because of its design and operation as an appliance. Its job is to prolong the drying time of humidity.

5. The fifth and last place where you can install a dehumidifier for the basement is a place with many windows. If you are using it in an area with many windows, it would be better to place it near them or the walls, where it will have an easier airflow that will help dry the moisture faster.

It is essential to check for the dehumidifier that would be able to meet your residential needs. You can consider the other appliances such as air conditioning, heaters, and electric fans as well. A sound ventilation system is of key importance because it will show a noticeable difference in the temperature level in your home.

Benefits of Placing Dehumidifier for a Basement:

1. Proper ventilation will lead to a better supply of oxygen.

2. It prevents mold and mildew from growing.

3. It helps to remove the allergens in the air.

4. It prevents furniture from cracking or getting damaged because of moisture build-up.

5. It will make it easier to clean the areas that are hard to reach, such as behind cabinets and under counters or tables, when there is less humidity.

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It is important to know the right place to install a dehumidifier for the basement. This can be done by research and by asking experts in the field. It is not enough that you just know where to place it. You have to consider other factors like the accessories of your house and other home appliances that will be using the same air within a specific room.